Smart Agro Hub Joins Four more Prestigious EU-Funded Research Projects in Record Time

Smart Agro Hub is happy to announce its participation in four additional EU-funded research projects. With these latest additions Smart Agro Hub reach the impressive number of seven projects in only 1 year and a half.

The new projects are Cluster 6 Governance initiative and they are the following:

TALLHEDA is a Widera project that aims to build a new long-term Alliance for Digital Agriculture between agricultural Higher Education Institutes from two Widening countries Greece and Serbia with leading non-widening agricultural universities, and local and international stakeholders from Belgium.

SOSFood will use data-exploitation and AI to improve the EU food system, providing tailored predictive tools for informed decisions.

FOODGUARD, focuses on supporting innovations based on microbiome research to tackle food, socio-economic and environmental challenges.

NextGenBioPest, is dedicated to delivering novel and improved products and methods for the rational control of pests and pathogens.

Smart Agro Hub’s involvement in four more prestigious EU funded research projects underscores its position as an significant force in shaping the future of agrifood industry. By collaborating with esteemed partners and leveraging its expertise, the organization is driving transformative change within the industry.