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Incubation Program

Smart Agro Lab is an Incubation Program that aims to provide training and mentoring, easier access to funding and networking for agri-food startups.

Smart Agro Lab is an initiative of the Smart Agro Hub skills centre, for the development of start-up entrepreneurship and a new generation of innovative development, with the creation of new & sustainable businesses in the agri-food and smart agriculture sector.

Aiming to highlight innovative ideas and solutions, new services and products,the Smart Agro Lab, attempts to capture the innovative dynamics of research and entrepreneurial teams, with a focus on smart agriculture, food, agri-food, etc., based on sustainability, sustainability, the circular economy and the environmental and human footprint.


Smart Agro Lab, is addressed to:
  1. Starups & young entrepreneurs
  2. Professionals in the agri-food sector
  3. Anyone with a business idea with a focus on the sectors: (i) Intelligent Agriculture, (ii) Primary Production, (iii) Food and Rural Tourism, (iv) Digital Technologies and Communications, v) Energy applications
  4. Young Unemployed
  5. Farmers

Evaluation Criteria:

Interested parties are invited to fill in the questionnaire which can be found in the link below, after creating their account on the Smart Agro Lab platform.

The questionnaire is divided into 7 different sections, in which questions will be scored:

  • Business data (0/100)
  • Project description(15/100)
  • Management Team-Human Resources (15/100)
  • Problem-Solution-Outstanding Value(30/100)
  • Commerciality of the proposal(28/100)
  • Project Economics(12/100)
  • Supplementary Material (0/100)

Terms & Conditions of Participation in Smart Agro Lab


Intelligent Agriculture

Products and Services for the environmental and economic improvement of farm efficiency

Supply chain

Products and services to improve the agri-food chain (post-harvest)

Circular Economy

Technological tools and services - Bioeconomy

IoT services

IoT services & AI & Earth Observation with horizontal applications in the agri-food sector


Environmental Sustainability Services and Products

Renewable energy technologies

Integration of renewable energy and alternative technologies in the agri-food sector

Alternative proteins

Alternative forms of protein

Other services

Innovative forms of organisation in primary or secondary production

Contest benefits

Competition's phases

Declaration of Interest

During the first phase, proposals will be collected from interested groups wishing to participate in the Incubation Program. Evaluators will examine the proposals submitted in order to pre-select the teams that will qualify for the next phase.

February - March 2023

Register Participation
Selection of proposals - Group training

Scoring and selection of the 50 best proposals - During the Induction Phase, the 50 teams have the opportunity to attend a basic skills training programme on the key needs of modern business for themselves and their regions even if they do not attend the whole programme.

April 2023

IDEA - Phase A Incubation

The 1st Incubation phase has a duration of 1 month and up to 35 teams will qualify to proceed. The teams will receive specialized support for the development and formulation of their business idea, for the definition of the business model, while opportunities for synergies with other startups within the incubator are also being considered.

May 2023

BUSINESS - Phase B Incubation

The 20-25 selected ideas/teams will continue to the main incubation phase, the second incubation (business) phase, lasting four months. In this phase, counselling and guidance is provided at an individual level to the teams. Through this stage, each team is given the opportunity to further develop their product/service and come into contact with the stakeholders and the business environment of the region that will then be able to give them the necessary impetus for the next step. For the first time, teams have the opportunity to present the product/service they are developing and test its viability and/or applicability.

June - October 2023

LAUNCH - Phase C Incubation

The final incubation phase, the third incubation phase (launch), will see up to 12 teams progress, during which teams and products are finalised, businesses are set up and receive additional personalised mentoring. The teams will now have completed the process of developing their business with the assistance of the Region, local economic development agencies and specialist consultants, taking every possible step to ensure their success.

November 2023

Utilization & Dissemination

Upon completion of the programme, a series of dissemination and publicity actions will be launched to highlight the results of the programme, as well as the communication support and extroversion of new businesses. The actions will include the presentation of the start-ups to SMEs, the Greek and international markets, their participation in roadshows and other networking activities in Greece and abroad, which will give a dynamic boost to the start-ups.

December 2023

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