International Ecosystem

The Smart Agro Hub has many years of experience in the agri-food sector, having developed a strong relationship with hundreds of research centres and universities in the European Union in the field of agriculture.

The solid experience of Smart Agro Hub, a synonym of trust.

Smart Agro Hub has full-fledged division and expertise on project management, capacity building, market linkage and stakeholders’ involvement. Due to its well-established relationships with the local agricultural ecosystem of farmers, agronomists, agricultural research centres, companies and service providers active in the sector, it is able to offer advisory services and technological solutions in the digitisation of agricultural processes.

Smart Agro Hub has many years of experience in the agrifood sector having developed a strong relationship with hundreds of EU research centers and Universities in agriculture, agrifood and agrochemical companies, farmers and their associations, as well as agronomists and agricultural consultants. Taking advantage of the established network of the Agricultural University of Athens and the 12 private companies that participate in SAH, the company expands its connections to the Balkans, the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe. Last but not least, thanks to its participation in various EU research projects, Smart Agro Hub has important experience in creating awareness campaigns that promote the digitilization of the farming sector, zero pollution in agrifood and agroecology. The company’s innovation management group has strong expertise in organising and developing holistic dissemination and communication strategies, paving the way for innovative solutions to reach the market.

Innovation in practice

The most essential part of digital agriculture is not just the technologies it encompasses, but also the scientific knowledge which is encoded in these technologies in the form of DSS (decision support systems) models, and even more how all these tools are effectively used in the field operations. In order to achieve the essential and effective implementation of smart farming in the Greek crops, these DSS models must be adapted to the Greek soil-climatic conditions and crop cultivars. Moreover, Greek farmers should be able to use and trust these tools in order to have a real impact on primary production and thus on the agri-food chain.