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Life Cycle Assessment

Who trusts LCA solutions

LCA studies find excellent application in the agri-food sector and are used worldwide by leading companies in the food industry in their sustainability strategy.

Environmental management and decision-making tool

  1. Analytical method for the environmental assessment of the agri-food chain
  2. Holistic approach for all stages of the life cycle
  3. Compliance with national and international standards and requirements
  4. Use of state-of-the-art software, databases and computer models

Meet your sustainability goals with LCA solutions

Indicative examples of solutions that the Life Cycle Assessment Services of the Smart Agro Hub can offer:

  1. Strategic decision making(Strategic decision making)
  2. Creation of anEmissions mitigation plan (Emissions mitigation plan)
  3. Creating Environmental Product Declarations ( EPDs)
  4. Enrichment of corporate responsibility reports(Sustainability Reporting)
  5. Benchmarking studies(Benchamarking Analysis)
  6. Compliance with the National Climate Law 4936/2022 (Compliance)
  7. Support for regulatory compliance efforts (ESG Reporting)
  8. Attracting sustainable investment(Impact investment capital)

Benefits of Life Cycle Assessment

Saving Resources

Increasing the efficiency of inputs and automatic cost reduction

Saving Resources

With Life Cycle Assessment services you can find directly and securely, unnecessary costs that arise during the lifetime of a product and reduce them, saving resources for your business.


Accurate identification of polluting stages as well as points for improvement


With Life Cycle Analysis, you can individually identify all the stages at which emissions should and must be reduced. This way you can more easily and directly design their improvement.

Supply chain optimisation

Optimisation of production through the strategic decision-making

Supply chain optimisation

Plan the next day of your business with confidence and security. With LCA Services, you can have all the data you need to you need precisely to map out the strategy for tomorrow, today.

Access to sustainable investment

Attract new investment more easily

Access to sustainable investment

Having implemented the changes that will result from the data of the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), you obtain automatically a strategic advantage over the competition. You can more easily attract investment, either from within or from abroad, as you will have managed to reduce your your environmental footprint.

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