Smart Agro Hub Celebrates Remarkable Participation in the Living Lab of EXCEL4MED EU project

Smart Agro Hub is delighted to announce the resounding success of the Mediterranean Living Lab event. The event garnered enthusiastic participation from a diverse community of farmers, researchers, policymakers, and representatives from the Mediterranean fruit processing industry. Attendees converged to explore and discuss cutting-edge advancements in the field, with a strong emphasis on enhancing agricultural productivity and environmental stewardship.
Held on 4th of July, the Living Lab served as an exceptional platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

As a key partner in the project, Smart Agro Hub is leading the Dissemination and Communication activities of the project and is responsible for the Living Lab initiative. The organization’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices and innovative solutions in agriculture is evident in its proactive approach towards organizing the Greek Living Labs. A standout feature of the event was the insightful presentation delivered by Antigolena Folina, Project Manager at Smart Agro Hub. With expertise in the agricultural sector, Antigolena provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Living Labs and its practical implications.
Her presentation illuminated the vital role of Living Labs in facilitating experimentation, co-creation, and testing of innovative solutions for agricultural challenges.
Smart Agro Hub extends its gratitude to all participants, partners, and stakeholders who contributed to the success of the Living Lab and prepares for the next Living Lab that will take place next months.